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This is an online office suite that can compete with other proprietary offerings floating around, but the difference is that it is tightly integrated One of the selling points at Kolab Systems is that your data is always secure and private. Whether you are a private citizen registered with our Kolab Now service, or a corporate client using Hosted The Taster tour featured a series of itinerant gatherings where we enjoyed some great food, As member of the OpenPower Foundation, Kolab Missed the Zurich Kolab Taster?

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When the thugs come knocking When Kolab got going, we took vowed to ourselves that we would be different. We would not promise more than we could deliver. We would not participate in the race of Switzerland is the partner country at this year's CeBit , so it is doubly apt that our new partner, Secure Swiss Data will be there sharing a booth with us.

Secure Swiss Data, a CeBit first-timer, is Kolab Systems AG announces today the immediate availability of Hosted Kolab, the easiest and safest way to set up a full-featured collaborative suite email, calendars, mailing lists, cloud access, Kolab Systems, creators of Kolab, the leading open source groupware and collaboration framework, today announced a partnership with Collabora Productivity, the architects behind LibreOffice Online, The Kolab collaboration suite is a community driven, fully Kolab has joined Pleio to aid in the production of a new version of the Pleio social media platform.

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Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Munich opts for open source groupware from Kolab It created over 14, LiMux workspaces for its approximately 15, desktops.

Toward a Taxonomy of Groupware Technologies

We could write pages covering all the features of Kolab, and we have: you can learn more about what Kolab has to offer here. It is developed in the open by a global community, with Kolab Systems serving as the project's steward. Visit the resources section of this page to find out how you can be a part of this! Professional support is also available for Kolab from Kolab Systems , and you can even start using Kolab in a matter of moments by visiting Kolab Now which offers several hosting plans.

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We develop Kolab with a purpose that is reflected in every line of code, every release and every process: to deliver freedom through collaboration. It is developed in the open and anyone with the skills and motivation can participate in the creation of Kolab. We also work openly with upstream development communities to ensure the best experience for everyone.

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  • Toward a Taxonomy of Groupware Technologies.
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Kolab respects your privacy. No backdoors, no compromises on encryption, no phoning home. Kolab Systems itself is based in Switzerland, where privacy is king. Kolab is designed for security: service isolation, using safe languages, security audits of the code base, and the necessary uncommon-sense and elbow-grease to get us there.

Kolab's service oriented architecture and efficiency at the component-level allows Kolab to be run on a Raspberry Pi with enough juice for a family, while also supporting geographically spread clusters using modern hypervisor and containerizaton technology to serve millions of users from a single instance. This is pretty much the definition of "unparalleled scalability".

Munich opts for open source groupware from Kolab

Kolab's community of users, deployers, designers and developers work together daily to continuously improve the various server and client components that make up Kolab. Getting involved is easy and rewarding: install Kolab, start asking questions in the Hub forums or on the mailing lists, and find your niche. And there are a lot of niches to be occupied!

Groupware technology

Within Kolab there are web applications, desktop and mobile apps, UX to be designed, graphics to be refined, documentation to be written, text to be translated, conferences to attend and promo materials to be built and spread. No matter what your skill set is, if you have the passion for collaboration, you can join us in making Kolab better!

Munich opts for open source groupware from Kolab | PCWorld

Discover Kolab Learn what Kolab can do for you, and what professional support and service options exist. Kolab Now! Can't wait?