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For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy. Subscribe to eTOC. Advanced Search. Toggle navigation. Hispanics compete more with new immigrants than do white and black Americans. They feel the negative effects more. The irony is that Mexican banks will not accept these cards! Hispanic community. Illegal immigration has become a big business, with the local taxpayer bearing the costs. It provides a pressure valve for Mexico, so instead of caring for its own people, Mexico ships them north.

I would say that the U.

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Amnesty is not the answer. Throughout his presidency, the former Mexican president, Vicente Fox pressed the administration of President George W. Bush to develop an amnesty program that would cover some of the millions of illegal immigrants who arrived in the United States during the s, many of whom originally came from Mexico. Why should we invite large numbers of them to live in the United States simply because they broke the law in the first place? This seems no less absurd than rewarding muggers with cash payments or presenting gifts to thieves.

Its contempt for 39 immigration Policy 40 legal immigrants should not be ignored. Is it fair that people who have patiently waited their turn and gone through the proper immigration procedures, sometimes taking many years, should be passed over in favor of those who either could not or would not?

Summary Illegal aliens are not monsters.

DNA Evidence (Point Counterpoint)

They are ordinary people trying to make hard decisions in difficult circumstances. Even when they break the law, they deserve to be treated with decency and dignity in the spirit of the U. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Nevertheless, the United States is not obliged to accept them simply because they want to come here. It is really our fault, not theirs, that illegal immigration has become the massive problem it is today. Then the storm really broke. There was even a suggestion that the boy be made an honorary U.

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The United States needs illegal immigrants more than it is willing to admit. As stated in the Introduction, it is extremely difficult to gain lawful entry to the United States on employment grounds without exceptional education and skills. Yet employers cannot hire immigrants legally because of visa restrictions. It is not just businesses that turn a blind eye to this practice; in effect, we all do.

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The suffering undocumented aliens endure while resident in the United States is no myth, however. Dos Santos came to the United States in , accompanying an affluent Brazilian family that intended her to work for them as a domestic employee. Advocates of tougher policies for illegal immigration argue that the best way to prevent this abuse and exploitation is to make it more difficult and more unappealing for undocumented aliens to enter the United States in the first place. In November , California voters approved a popular ballot measure known as Proposition , which would have prevented illegal aliens from receiving welfare benefits, barred undocumented children from California schools, and required state agencies to pass along information about known illegal aliens to law enforcement officials.

These claims are questionable.

Amnesty would reduce many of the problems of illegal immigration. What should be done about undocumented aliens? Everyone more or less agrees that the present situation is undesirable. The question is not whether we can maintain the status quo but how we should reform the law to provide the best outcome for immigrants and Americans as a whole.

As one St. They are, of course, illegal immigrants. The horrific abuses suffered by workers in programs such as the bracero program are well documented and indisputable. The H-2 guest worker programs bring in agricultural and other seasonal workers to pick crops, do construction and work in the seafood industry, among other jobs. Workers typically borrow large amounts of money to pay travel expenses, fees and even bribes to recruiters. Hungry children inevitably trump protest. Technically, these programs include some legal protections, but in reality, those protections exist mostly on paper.

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Government enforcement is almost nonexistent. When immigrant workers try to correct such injustices by forming unions, they are cruelly harassed, intimidated and even terminated for their actions. The exploitation of immigrant workers hurts us all. When standards are driven down for some workers, they are driven down for all workers. For this same reason, guest worker programs must be squarely rejected. History, economics and common sense dictate that exploitation of workers will continue as long as it makes economic sense for employers to do so.

We must step outside of the status quo and revise the current immigration law in a way that guarantees full labor rights for future foreign workers and reflects real labor market conditions by restructuring the current permanent employment visa category.

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Years of trying to handle illegal immigration by punitive laws and fear of prosecution have gotten us nowhere. Of course, an immediate objection to amnesty is that it would reward previous criminal behavior and encourage many more undocumented aliens to try to enter the country. No one wants to minimize the necessity of keeping within the law, but the United States has long recognized the importance of a fresh start for offenders, which is why we have a parole and rehabilitation system.

Amnesty would give millions of people who have lived in the United States for years the chance of a fresh start.

As the St. It offends that principle to keep people living in the shadows, working in sweatshops and in fear. Summary It is not easy to find anyone in American public life who will say a good word for illegal immigrants. How easy it is for politicians to blame our failings on those who cannot vote! The fact that they must break the law to come here is a fault of our immigration policy.

The people who ultimately pay the price for this flawed system are the immigrants themselves. This common purpose was inspired by what they viewed as a lack of action by the government to secure the border. Pickup trucks, RVs, and tents dotted the border as volunteers, often seated in lawn chairs and equipped with binoculars, scanned the horizon for signs of illegal immigrants trying to make it into the United States. While some were armed with guns, all were outfitted with cell phones to contact Border Patrol agents when they saw activity.

The BFP coordinates volunteers who pay for and erect fencing along the southern border of the United States. As of mid, they have already constructed more than four miles of fencing. Physical borders are needed to maintain national security. Every nation must secure its borders in order to maintain its national sovereignty. A nation without secure borders is no nation at all.