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The White House's 'VERY GOOD BOY'

Jul 28, Nicholas Sparks rated it it was amazing Shelves: nicholas-recommends. Quite simply, this is one of my favorite novels of all time, and one that I've reread at least a dozen times. It tells the story of an elderly widower, who's befriended by a dog that no one else ever sees, a dog that helps him through his loneliness. Warm and touching, it's a novel that people of all ages can enjoy. View all 23 comments. Sep 13, Justin Haynes rated it it was amazing Shelves: grit-lit , books-for-the-rest-of-my-life , favorites. All that he can fit into less than two hundred pages leaves me and every other reader of this book breathless and crying a mix of tears from joy and sadness.

Once a strong man in his prime he is now reduced to having his nagging children try to accomplish all his task for him. Alone and bothered by his children Sam finds White Dog and takes the reader on a beautiful, magical journey into the heart of a man who knows his time on earth is ending.

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I'm twenty-five as of the writing of this review and I've read this book three times, all in my twenties. As I said previously I know this is one I'll continue to read every couple of years for the rest of my life. The journey of Sam Peek, his children, White Dog, and the corner of North-East Georgia they call home is timeless and quality for the soul.

With this book, however, he cemented himself firmly in the place of great southern writers. Pat Conroy could only hope to write a novel that contained as much meat in so few pages. May 20, Jan rated it it was amazing. The story is more complex than the movie could convey; dog lovers will love this book. It is based on Terry Kay's parents and is a remarkable account of two people who loved each other.

The sentences are simple but elegant and I could see each character in my head including the white dog. View 1 comment. Beautifully written, poignant tale about a man finishing the remainder of his well-lived life without his wife of 57 years. As someone who lost both my parents in my early and late teens, I never got to experience them as an adult.

I tend to enjoy stories that explore the relationships between adult children and their elderly parents. This is a novel that begs to be read again and again, with the heartache and hope being just as vivid, just as visceral each time. I loved reading this book. It is about family caring with all the silliness and loveliness that accompanies it. The author does a good job of writing believably. Here's a sample: " The dead had been good, or the dead had been mischievous or thrifty or strong or shy or outrageous or brave or jovial or any of countless other attributes that, given forgiveness for shortcomings, made for a likeabl I loved reading this book.

The dead had been good, or the dead had been mischievous or thrifty or strong or shy or outrageous or brave or jovial or any of countless other attributes that, given forgiveness for shortcomings, made for a likeable person. That was the common agreement among them: the dead had been likeable, and in their front-porch, rocking-chair eulogies, the men who remained--waiting their turn to be likeable--momentarily elevated the deceased to a rare, but impermanent history.

But it was a happy hit because I related to Sam in many ways.

While I, like him, hope to go quickly when the time comes, I hope also that if that hope is not realized, as it was not for Sam, I will go with the grace that he and my father exhibited, while I await my turn to be likeable. Not To Be Missed! To Dance With The White Dog is one of the most beautifully written, poignant, tender, memorable, albeit at times heartbraking, books I've read in quite some time.

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While short in length, the book, to quote the Los Angeles Times, "moves like poetry In my opinion, To Dance With The White Dog, being only a pages in length in my ebook edition will more than satisfy your need for a beautifully well-written book. It will also help you develop insights into how an elderly parent looks at life and the prospect of their own death after the recent loss of a spouse. Further, it will help you develop insights into how well the children of an elderly parent who has lost their spouse think they understand their remaining parent's ability to function on their own i.

Sweet story about growing old, loss, and family. May 17, Carole rated it it was amazing. I had seen the Hallmark series production of Terry Kay's "To Dance With the White Dog" when it was on TV in the early '90s and remember being very inspired by the story; however, I had never read the book. I met the author at a writer's conference I attended in Athens, Georgia in and purchased an autographed copy.

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  8. I'm so happy that I had the chance to be re-introduced to this tender story. As well as being inspirational, this is one of the best character-driven novels I've ever read. Terry Kay paints a realistic picture of each of the characters throughout the novel.

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    Based on the author's own parents and set in the deep South, it tells of an old man who recently lost his wife, leaving him to feel very much alone and depressed. Subsequently, a white dog appears almost as if by magic and oddly the dog makes its appearance only when the old man is present.

    Thus when he mentions the illusive dog to his married daughters and sons, they can't help but think their father is on the brink of senility. One day the man has a sudden attack and collapses in his home. One of his daughters who lives in the neighborhood sees the dog in her father's front yard, almost as if to alert her there's trouble inside.

    The daughter comes to her father's rescue and tells the rest of the family the dog is real after all. Just the same, they all continue to fuss and dote over their independent father, worrying about his every move. The story will have you laughing at the protective family's antics and the father's stubborn ways.

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    And naturally you'll need to keep a couple hankies on hand in between. Most of all you will wonder -- who is the "White Dog" and where did she come from? NOTE: Ironically I had a similar experience in the Spring of with my very own special white dog who mysteriously appeared at a critical time when I needed support and encouragement. I'm happy to report that my beloved Daisy is now 8 yrs. Mar 15, Doree Burt rated it really liked it Shelves: subversive-sisters-book-club-books. I thought it was interesting that the story was based on true happenings in the author's father's life. And I especially liked the interplay between the family members.

    I like that these books chosen for my church book club are ones that stretch my book choices and make me think about different things and situations.

    Conan the dog gets hero’s welcome at White House after al-Baghdadi raid

    I hope that I am the type of old person that my family cares for and about, like the children in this story. This book also helped me to re-think the way I interact with the elderly. I'm not mean to them and I don't, like, push them down, but maybe I could be more attentive and see them as just people, more than old people. Instead of becoming as impatient as I wanted to become, I thought of the character Sam, and his experience driving. While the slowness of of the parking lot driver was annoying, I refrained from making a quizzical face, gesturing, or honking the horn.

    So, I guess I learned a little to control my outward reactions after reading this book. This slim book is just chock-full of wisdom and poignancy. Sam Peek has survived his wife of 57 years, but now his children are concerned about whether he can still care for himself.

    Into Sam's life walks a mysterious white dog, who then becomes his companion, even though no one besides Sam has actually seen the dog. This book may move you to tears -- it did me -- and the sweet story will stay with you long after you finish. Jan 13, Jean Labrador rated it it was amazing. This book is definitely a Five Star book. And like the white dog dances into the protagonist's life after his wife of many years dies, this book danced into my life at a time when I needed to be enchanted and lifted up by a tale.